It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Jesse Porter
3 min readApr 7, 2022


It should be noted that the Chinese Communist Party is the hard stop of the worldwide left. All of the atrocities that have hit the news over the recent years are being carried out by leftist governing bodies.

What I’m driving at is that the left incorporates policies in line with worldwide communist ideology, which is thoroughly founded on the twin pillars of atheism and evolutionary “science.”

If humans are in all respects animals, they can be treated as of no more value than we hold with respect to animals. Namely, humans can rightfully be used however we need or want to use them.

And, if there is no God, we have no higher authority to be subject to than ourselves. In short, we, ourselves, are the highest authority to whom to appeal. Whatever law of conduct, if any, by which our conduct may be judged, is justly manufactured by us, in accordance with our wants at the time.

Any law regarding the taking of others’ lives have no higher appeal than, for example, how fast we may drive on a freeway. Life without restraint is, thus, the way in which we are to live. Life under Hitler, Stalin or Mao (or, Biden, Clinton or Putin) is just as valid as under Jesus, Mohammad or Joseph Smith.

Monogamist, one man one woman marriage is no more valid than group homosexual orgies, or than one man and various child sex slaves. Any way of life is as moral as any other. If I need a heart transplant, I have the right to take yours.

Russia (and the former USSR) and China are much more natural allies of Israel than is the US. The main attraction of Israel to the US is the wealth of American Jews. Though money often over-rides politics, money ties are much binding than is wealth. The dissolution of the USSR, much less of a retreat from communism that it has been made out to be, has temporarily taken Russin Communism out of the limelight, and China’s blossoming into the premier trading partner of the world, severely dampening the fear of communism by the right in America (out of greed for cheap labor and goods) has in sum, reduced the fear of communism worldwide as it has in America.

All of that has made it more possible for Israel to strengthen its ties to Russia and China without endangering its revenue stream (and source of sophisticated weaponry) from America. Israel has long been the world’s most doctrinaire purveyor and practitioner of communism. And now that America’s elite have more openly revealed their commitment to communist world domination, all of the financial support that has allowed communism to survive and to spread has become obvious.

Israel’s communism has escaped notice since its rise from the ashes in 1948 because the American Evangelical Churches, with their complete dependence on the belief that they will escape from collapse of the human race at its inevitable end by being rapture as the end unfolds in the Great Tribulation. That distortion of Biblical Prophecy promising an escape hatch for Christians may well guarantee that God’s great experiment of humanity goes inevitably up in flames, as Christian withdraw from the Great Commission, and gather together in self-contained bubbles clapping and dancing to their entertainment infused “worship” services.

God help the world. His followers won’t.



Jesse Porter

A life-long reader and thinker. I have read approximately 10,000 books and have a personal library of about 4,000. Assoc degree in theology, BA in English, MBA.