The Death of the West

Jesse Porter
5 min readMar 28, 2022


Population Control, born out of the Eugenics Movement of early twentieth century from the theorizing of such as Paul R. Ehrlich up to Bill Gates, was based on the belief that the earth has limited resources, and population growth will inevitably run up against the hard stop of unsustainability. It has spawned such practices of eugenics as assisted suicide, abortion and unlimited warfare. These anti-human trends have led to the suicide of Russia, the forced one-child policy of China, and the self-poisoned of Great Britain, members of the EU, Japan and the United States, causing a reliance on immigration for national survival.

And it has forced all of the West to encourage immigration from the more fecund Catholic and Muslim populations. They have done so with little thought to the much compromised ability to integration massive numbers of non-Western cultures that inevitably change Western cultures, whose historic strength stemmed from their own historic cultures.

The fear of being accused of xenophobia by others has influence the West to abandon their former role as melting pots and to, instead, willingly abandon Christian and liberal philosophies, and to tolerate those who embrace narrower and more subservient cultures. Even our languages are in decline, languages that have been heavily infused with enlightenment and Christian authors and education.

English and American lawmaking have come under assault from Sharia and Vatican law which are heavy handedly dominated by the few over the many; the few not only having the ultimate authority, but ownership and control over wealth, almost to the exclusion of the many. The divine rights of the few have been practically restored to ancient levels. The vast middle classes are dying rapidly, and have become nearly extinct.

The desperate and suicidal policies of the far Left vie with the sheer stupidities of those of the far Right, both seemingly intent only on the destruction of their enemies, stand in stark contrast to the driving force of the first administrations of the American government to protect the right of Americans to govern themselves and to pursue justice and to ensure domestic tranquility separated from the squabbles of Europe and free of their interference.

The abandonment of American liberty has led to our becoming just another greedy and arrogant empire builder in a world of arrogant law-of-the-jungle despotisms; indeed, the leading power of such. The vision of liberty and justice for all has deteriorated to becoming participants in the predation of any who dares to challenge our superiority. We have become the biggest and baddest bully on the playground. Fierce and proud, we attack each other in the feeding frenzy of wolves after the kill.

No one, abandoned to that frenzy, is likely to lay peacefully with the lamb, nor would the lamb, having witnessed the frenzy, be willing to lay down with the wolf. The almost total lack of peacemakers in our midst makes peace seem extremely unlikely. Also, it seems inevitable that the human race will wipe itself off of the biosphere, as did the dinosaurs. Has the will to survive disappeared? Is Lucifer destined to win his war against God?

Surely, it is not too late to stop our plunge over the precipice. Surely we are not like the mindless lemming hurling themselves over the cliff into the raging surf below. Or like the swine, possessed by the legions of demons in retreat from Jesus’ power over them, likewise leaping into the sea near Gerasa (Mark 5).

There is a power loose in the world, difficult of explanation apart from the belief in evil spirits, demons, even of Satan. While it is similar to some forms of insanity, of sociopathy or psychopathy. Apart from drugs, electroshock treatment, or even of brain surgery, all of which likely result in zombie-like existence, cure seems unlikely for such disorders. Many such people have been executed, many more imprisoned for life. Some, as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others have become, sometimes even admired, leaders of nations, resulting in hundreds of millions of cruel deaths and imprisonments.

It is not surprising that there are still among us people, like myself, who believe in demons and demon possession. Many of whom have experienced at close hand otherwise inexplicable behaviors and events. I have not, myself, had such experiences, but have read first hand from those who have. One cannot, with the limited resources of reason, otherwise explain some human behavior and beliefs. Granted, writers and filmmakers have depicted much of that, but fiction and acting can easily and graphicly portray para- and super- natural events, which persuade many of their possibility and even existence.

The same can be said of the existence of God and angels. Who can experience cases of genius, in art, music, or on stage or in film without at least believing, in the moment, in Divinity. Listening to Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, or reading passages of the Bible, or of Homer, Wordsworth, or hundreds of others, of Ann Franke, Solzhenitsyn or Churchill, the great hymns of the Christian Church, stir within us the conviction that such beauty can only be from God.

Despite the worst efforts of the Roman Government and of its successors, neither Christianity nor religion has been able to quench. And, to my thinking, nothing can explain the ferocity of the attempts to do so, except the existence of demonic forces, aligned against God, as described by Dr. Henry Morris in The Long War Against God.

As Joshua said in his farewell speech to Israel so many years age “…choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood [coming out of Egypt], or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell…” Joshua 24:15, Americans should “Choose you this day who you will serve, God and goodness, or Godless and antitheist, demonic powers bent on death and evil.” It is not too late, barely. America is headed down a destructive path, as are many other countries, led by those with blood and death as their masters, breathing the very flames of hell, in hellish frenzy.

Am I melodramatic and hysterical? Look at the news coverage of our cities, and convince me that insanity has not flooded our country. Riots, looting and savagery is not the behavior of sane people. Nor is the “medical waste” from abortion clinics going up in black smoke from hospital incinerators. Take careful note of the tenor of the opposition heaped on this piece, and of the demands that it and me with it be cancelled.



Jesse Porter

A life-long reader and thinker. I have read approximately 10,000 books and have a personal library of about 4,000. Assoc degree in theology, BA in English, MBA.